companybackground Company Background

In early 2011 we came up with an idea to establish a manufacturing company. We belong to Textile (Spinning) and Agrocot Food Products industry traditionally so we have affinity towards these sectors of industry. We had resources to do research on domestic market and international market for food products of perishable and non perishable in nature and to see raw material availability and supply in abandon. As well as textile products like cotton , Yarn , Fabrics etc. Manufacturing food items or processing agricultural produce was an interesting arena to study where we came to an understanding that this industry of manufacturing food items cannot die years together as food is a basic necessity and people cannot stop consuming food. But then people cannot stop wearing clothes or take medicines these are basic necessities too. So we thought why we don’t do something different anyone can produce food but to create a craving for a particular food is the difficult part. We felt we really wanted to create a craving for food and food lovers. But we didn’t want to leave textile behind so we decided to have a single company to do both things and have diversified business.

              Now we had vision and motto,so we were ready to register Our Company and MDA Agrocot Pvt Ltd was formed in Dec 2011 with the intentions of entering the market with manufacturing and trading activity of textile, agro commodities and agro-processed products. Promoters of the company always had the inclination towards exports and had less inclination towards domestic market.Company started with the exports of Fresh Onion from Nashik to Dubai, Shri Lanka and Malaysia later after the season of Onion was over, We added our other products Cotton Yarn, Cotton and Processed Frozen Food IQF for Export Market.Company is currently having diversified business activity in nature. Having our own Brand Name and Logo registered to local and international authorities.