Cotton Yarn

Category CountsSpecifications
Open end yarn. Ne 2/1 to Ne 24/1Carded for weaving & knitting uses. We can supply multifold yarn like 2 ply, 3 ply up to 10 ply. We can also supply ‘AUTOCORO’ yarn with latest ‘COROLAB’ technology. We can also supply with various strengths with virgin cotton and also waste mixed.
Ring spun carded yarn. Ne 6/1 to Ne 60/1 Autoconed spliced & non-autoconed ‘EYC’ yarn of different grades for knitting & weaving uses. We can supply multifold yarn and yarn made from Indian, Australian and other imported raw cotton also. Also possible in Organic cotton and BCI cotton. Also the yarn are contamination controlled.
Ring spun combed yarn. Ne 16/1 to Ne 100/1 Yarn manufactured out of best quality raw cotton, with special emphasis on contamination and evenness control. All yarn are autoconed spliced/SIRO cleared by ‘YARN MASTER’ and with ‘VISION SHIELD’ technology, to minimize contamination, for knitting and weaving uses. We can supply yarn out of Indian, Australian, Egyptian, American West African cotton, Organic cotton and BCI cotton.
Compact spun Yarn. Ne 20/1 to Ne 120/1 Compact Spun Yarn made from 100% cotton for weaving and knitting use produced from best of the machines. We can also offer compact yarn from Indian cotton, Organic cotton, Pima cotton, Supima cotton, Giza cotton. Compact yarn with high RKM is also possible.
Double and Multifold yarn. Ne 20/2 to Ne 120/2 Cotton yarn for weaving or knitting with 2 or multi fold. We can supply the double or multifold yarn made on TFO or ring double wet spliced as per customers need.
Specialty cotton yarn. Ne 20/1 to Ne 100/1 We can supply gassed, mercerized yarn and the double steam set, heat set yarn for ‘Vellore fabrics. We can also supply ‘Compact Spun’ yarn made out of Indian long staple as well as Egyptian ‘GIZA’ and American ‘PIMA’ cotton.


                     Synthetic Yarn

Category Counts Specifications
Polyester/Cotton Ne 16 To Ne 60 Polyester/Cotton Yarn for the end use of weaving and knitting. Different blends are possible 52/48 Polyester/cotton, 50/50 Polyester/cotton, 65/35 Polyester/cotton, 40/60 Polyester/cotton (CVC). Single or multi fold is also possible.
100% Viscose/Rayon Ne 16 to Ne 40 100% Viscose yarn made for knitting or weaving use. The yarn is made with top quality Karach viscose fibre. Possible to offer viscose yarn which are Ring Spun and also Open End.
Polyester/Viscose Ne 20 to Ne 40 Polyester/ Viscose yarn for end use of knitting and weaving. Various blends are possible like 65/35 Polyester/ Viscose, 60/40 Polyester/ Viscose, 50/50 Polyester/Viscose. Single or multi fold is also possible.
100% Polyester Ne 20 to Ne 40Yarn made from 100% polyester fiber for weaving or knitting use. Single or multi fold polyester yarn are possible.
100% Polyester Texturised 75/36 to 150/72 Various deniers and filaments are possible for polyester filament yarn also known as DTY or PTY.